Data for research

Obtaining data on cash-for-care


Do you need data on cash-for-care amounts and recipients? Here you will find an overview of the data and variables on the cash-for-care arrangement that you can obtain from Statistics Norway.

To order data on cash-for-care, you need to complete the variable list for cash-for-care (Excel, in Norwegian) and select the variables you want. You then need to include the list with the application you send to Statistics Norway to obtain data.

Data on cash-for-care

Parents of children aged 13–23 months are entitled to cash-for-care if the child does not attend a kindergarten with government-subsidised running costs. Cash-for-care is paid by NAV. The period for which cash-for-care can be paid and the amount paid have varied since this benefit was introduced in 1999.

Statistics Norway does not publish its own statistics on cash-for-care, but has for a number of years been publishing reports and articles (in Norwegian) based on analyses of data retrieved from NAV on recipients of cash-for-care.

Statistics Norway publishes statistics on Cash transfers to families with children, which provide a more comprehensive overview of different types of transfers, cash-for-care and other transfers. Data on income and transfers is also available from Statistics Norway.

Definition and documentation of variables

In the variable list, you will find links to definitions of variables and code lists for the variables that are relevant.

Data within other areas

You can also obtain various datasets with variables within other areas. Remember here to include all completed variable lists as an attachment to the application to obtain data.