Data for research

Lending data from the capital database


Do you need data on fixed assets and other financial data at enterprise level? Here you can find an overview of data and variables from the capital database that you can loan from Statistics Norway.

To order data from the capital database you need to fill in and select the variables you want in the variable list for the capital database (Excel, in Norwegian). The list must be attached with the application you submit to Statistics Norway for the loan of data.

Data from the capital database

The capital database contains data on fixed assets and other selected financial data for manufacturing limited companies dating back to 1993. The data in the capital database is taken from the accounting and structural business statistics. The database contains the estimated capital figures in current and constant prices. The method of calculating capital figures on the basis of investment series and book values is described in the Documentation for the capital database. In addition to these estimated variables, the database also contains other selected variables from the accounting statistics and the structural business statistics in the database.

Definition and documentation of variables

The variable list provides links to definitions of variables and code lists for the relevant variables. Other documentation, such as sources of error and statistical data can be found in Documentation for the capital database (in Norwegian).

Data within other areas

You can also borrow several data sets with variables within other areas. Remember to attach all of the variable lists that you have filled out as an appendix to the application for the loan of data.