Data for research

Obtaining data on the introduction programme



Do you need data about newly arrived immigrants in the municipalities? Here you will find an overview of the data and variables you can obtain from Statistics Norway on the introduction programme for newly arrived immigrants.

To order data on the introduction programme for newly arrived immigrants, you need to complete the variable list for the introduction programme (Excel, in Norwegian) and select the variables you want. The list must be included with the application you send to Statistics Norway to obtain data.

Data from the introduction programme

The Introduction Act establishes the right and duty to participate in the introduction programme for newly arrived immigrants as defined in Section 2 of the Act. Taking part in the programme entitles participants to receive an introduction benefit. The programme was introduced in 2005, and extended in 2012. The aim is to provide participants with basic skills in Norwegian, basic insights into Norwegian society, and to prepare them for participation in the labour market and/or education. Data is available from the start of the programme in 2005, and includes information on population and types of measures.

In 2015, Statistics Norway published for the first time statistics on previous participants’ attachment to the labour market (employed or unemployed), education, pensions and benefits from NAV, following participation in the introduction programme, by linking the participants to data from the System for personal data. These topics were previously covered in the Monitor for the introduction programme.

Definition of documentation and variables

In the list of variables, you will find links to definitions of variables and code lists for the variables that are relevant. Documentation beyond this is found on the statistics pages for the introduction programme.

Data within other areas

You can also obtain various data sets with variables within other areas. Remember here to include all the completed variable lists as an attachment to the application to obtain data.