Data for research

Obtaining population data



Do you need data on the size of the population, level of immigration, level of migration or other demographics? An overview is given here of the population data and variables that you can obtain from Statistics Norway.

To order population data, you need to complete the order form for population (Excel, in Norwegian) and select the variables you want. You should then enclose this form with the application you send to Statistics Norway to obtain data.

Annual updates

A number of variables are given in the order form for the population:

  • fixed data on persons, such as date of birth, gender, country of birth and immigration category. The reference date is 1 January each year.
  • variables that can change over time, such as marital status, place of residence and citizenship. The reference date is 1 January each year.
  • data on events, such as migration. The reference period is per calendar year.
  • data on family relations, families and households. The reference date is 1 January each year.
  • data on immigrants and refugees. The reference date is 1 January each year.

Release of the different variables depends on the date of publication of the official statistics within the population field.

A separate data collection has been prepared over time series for all migrations from 1966, and for familial, spousal and cohabitee relations from 1975.

Definition and documentation of variables

The order form includes links to definitions of variables and code lists for the variables that are relevant. Additional documentation, such as sources of error and the statistical basis, can be found in the individual population statistics.

Data within other areas

You can also obtain various data sets with variables within other areas. Remember to enclose all of the order forms you have completed with the application to obtain data.