PxWebApi - StatBank

API: Create your own datasets

API for queries towards all StatBank Norway’s 6000 tables. Output formats are JSON-stat, csv and xlsx. Use the Console or http POST towards the table metadata to query. 

User manual

See also: API code examples  on how to use the API with libraries for R, Python and Highcharts.


March 2020:  The  API guide to Statistical Classifications and Codelists is extended and updated.

February 2020: Due to heavy traffic the first minutes at release time, the rate limit for PxWebApi is now reduced to 30 queries within 60 seconds. The API with readymade datasets has no limit.

 January 2019: 3 new output formats:

  1.     • json-stat2 is a bit more user friendly. It is from now default response format in API console. This version is also the one offered by Eurostat, and all known libraries support version 2.
  2.     • csv2 provides the extract in a pivot-friendly format
  3.     • csv3 is similar in structure, but compact with codes instead of text. It is suitable for import to databases, SAS etc.
  4. We recommend using these instead of the csv and JSON-stat formats.


 User manual is updated per February 2020.