Statistics Norway has chosen six strategic themes for the period 2017–2020.

Statistics Norway has primary responsibility for producing and disseminating official statistics on Norwegian society. Official statistics are the nation’s common factual basis and are essential for a living democracy. They are paramount to good planning, evaluation, debate and research. Official statistics are public goods that everyone should have equal access to.

Statistics Norway’s statistics and research aim to reflect the main features of the evolution of society. Technological development, increasing globalisation and a greater focus on new social phenomena mean that the demands on Statistics Norway are growing in number and complexity, also in relation to the production and dissemination of statistics.

The six selected strategic themes will help us to ensure that Statistics Norway continues to provide statistics and analyses that meet the needs of society. We will be at the forefront in terms of technology and expertise in a modern statistics production. We will not only supply figures, but also explain what the figures mean through comparisons and analyses, and we will meet user requirements for the scope, quality and accessibility of statistics.



Connecting with the outside world

Statistics Norway shall look beyond its own walls. We will strengthen our relations and form more collaborations with users, respondents, register owners and other partners, both old and new.

The cooperation with established register owners, organisations and individuals that provide data to Statistics Norway will be simplified and improved. New data sources, such as links between different registers and the use of big data, will be explored.

Close contact with academia, international statistics producers and a firm strategic partnership with Norwegian development aid authorities will help to improve the quality of statistics and increase user value. Access to Statistics Norway’s data will also be professionalised to a greater degree. 

Themes and stories

Statistics Norway will conduct analyses and compile statistics in order to explain causal relationships on major societal themes. In an increasingly complex society, Statistics Norway understands the need to link statistics, analyses and research on selected topics in order to achieve a more comprehensive presentation. We will establish new ways of linking data, and will introduce new perspectives.

Through ‘Focus on’ pages and analytical articles, Statistics Norway will adopt a clearer role as a supplier of facts in major societal debates on areas such as the restructuring of the Norwegian economy, immigration, demographic changes, the green shift and economic inequality. 

News and user communication

Statistics Norway possesses a treasure trove of facts. In order to reach more users and better meet their needs, we will summarise and present our knowledge in topical, understandable news items and visual presentations.

The content of ssb.no will be organised and presented according to specific target groups and users’ needs, and will be easily accessible via external search engines. The website will be adapted to mobile and other platforms, and Statistics Norway will make better use of social media to reach and communicate with the users. 

Figures on business

Statistics Norway will enhance and improve the statistics on business in order to make them more relevant and to meet users’ needs. Strong growth in the service industries in Norway and Europe and lower employment in the primary industries and manufacturing are creating a need for changes to the statistics on business.

Globalisation and changes in the structure of business, such as the growing number of large, complex enterprises with a presence in numerous countries, present new challenges for the national statistics on business. Statistics Norway will strengthen and build up expertise in the field, partly by ensuring good-quality source material and by conducting more analyses. 


Statistics Norway will modernise the production of statistics. An extensive digitalisation programme will be implemented with a view to adopting new technology, utilising new competence and employing new methods for carrying out our social mission.

In order to conduct more analyses, make comparisons across subject areas, streamline data collection and automate manual routines, Statistics Norway must find new methods for producing statistics. The modernisation programme entails investing in new technology and greater technological competence. 

Competence for the future

Statistics Norway will strengthen its technical expertise and ability to instigate and manage change. Our competence base will see a shift towards a more advanced statistical production and greater analyses.

Employee competence will be adapted and strengthened in line with Statistics Norway’s progression to technologically advanced and automated methods for creating statistics. Employees will need to be able to work in different parts of the organisation, and they should be prepared to expand their specialist expertise in their own field as well as develop skills aimed at putting the analyses into different contexts. Statistics Norway will strengthen its internal IT expertise in order to meet future needs.