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Municipal accounts2018, revised figures




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The balance sheet figures for Oslo and Asker was corrected on the 29 March 2019. The figures for the municipality groups they belong to, the national figures with and without Oslo was also corrected.

Financial key figures, national figures1
1The figures for the last published year are preliminary between 15. March and 15. June.
The table was corrected 20 March 2019
Net operating surplus as a percentage of gross operating revenues (per cent)
Annual accumulated surplus/deficit as a percentage of gross operating revenues2.01.91.3
Working capital excl. pension premium deviation as a percentage of gross operat17.818.217.6
Net interest rate exposure as a percentage of gross operating revenues (per cent37.235.940.2
Net loan dept as a percentage of gross operating revenues (per cent)98.998.6101.7
Unrestricted revenues per capita (NOK)53 17454 80156 336
Free equity operational account (per cent)8.39.610.8
Gross investment expenditures as a percentage of gross operating revenues (per c14.914.615.3
Self-investment financing as a percentage of total gross investment expenditures30.729.334.3