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Property tax2020



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Property tax in the municipalities1
20192020Per cent
2018 - 20192019 - 2020
1There are breake in the timeseries between 2019 and 2020 due to comprehensive changes in regional classifications.
2Break in timeseries between 2018 and 2019 due to change i definition of the category 'Mills and factories'.
3Figures for property tax accounts are published the year after the other figures concerning property tax.
Municipalities with property tax3713190.3-14.0
Municipalities with property tax on mills and factories263523.3-17.5
Municipalities with property tax on both mills and factories and areas built in242-33.3-50.0
Municipalities with property tax in the municipalities as a whole260229-0.4-11.9
Property tax, total (NOK 1 000)314 748 555..3.8..
Property tax from commercial property (NOK 1 000)37 068 506..4.6..
Property tax from residential homes and holiday properties (NOK 1 000)37 680 049..3.1..
Property tax as a percentage of gross operating income33.1..0.0..