10.7 million visits to museums
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10.7 million visits to museums

Visitors could choose between 2 899 different exhibitions at museums in Norway in 2012, and the museums as a whole now have a collection of 51 million objects.

Museum facts.
20082012Change in percentage
Individual visits7 552 9017 990 0235.8
Visitors in groups2 643 0852 675 5721.2
Paying visitors5 054 5375 726 80113.3
20082012Change in percentage
Remunerated man-years3 638.63 778.13.8
Man-years by permanent employees2 674.92 868.17.2
Percentage permanent employment7476

A total of 3 973 man-years were used at museums in 2012. Of these, 3 778 were remunerated. Permanent positions made up 2 868 man-years in Norwegian museums.

The total income of museums was NOK 4 billion in 2012, and the total expenditure that year was NOK 3,95 billion. The museums received NOK 2,86 billion in public contributions.

This report for 2012 covers a total of 128 museums, which all remained open last year and had at least one man-year.