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More attend services

After several years with a decrease in attendance at services held by the Church of Norway, the figure for 2011 shows an increase of about 3 per cent or 164 000 persons compared to 2010.

Church of Norway. Baptised and confirmed. 2005-2011

Attendance at services, by diocese. 2011

A total of more than 6.2 million persons attended services held by the Church of Norway. On average, 96 attended each service; 3 more than the year before. A total of 65 600 services were held.

Baptisms and confirmations

A total of 40 000 persons were baptised, 42 600 were confirmed and 37 900 were buried by the Church of Norway in 2011. The proportion of baptised people to births was 66 per cent. Sixty-five per cent of all 15 year-olds were confirmed in the church. A total of 92 per cent of the deceased received a church burial. The number of church weddings was 8 600.

Enrolments and resignations

A total of 1 750 enrolled with the Church of Norway and 7 050 members left in 2011. At year-end 2011, 77 per cent of the Norwegian population was a member of the Church of Norway.

About the statistics

The statistics are based on the scheme “Årsstatistikk for Den norske kirke”. The population is made up of all the registered parishes in the Church of Norway. For the 2011 report, 1 252 parishes had reported. See also page for Data collection (in Norwegian only).