4.1 million loans
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4.1 million loans

Special and research libraries made over 4.1 million loans to the public in 2007, of which the majority were local loans At the end of 2007, the special and research libraries had nearly 50 million physical units in their collections.

Books and publication series

4.1 million loans were local loans; while about 482 000 were non-local loans. Libraries at universities and specialised university colleges have the largest share of loans, with almost 2 million or slightly less than half of the total. Libraries at colleges and other schools of higher education represent 40 per cent or 1.6 million loans, of which 93 per cent were local.


Books and periodicals represent 41 per cent of the almost 50 million physical units. In addition, the special and research libraries administer almost one billion digital documents. More than half of the books are found in libraries at universities and specialised university colleges.

The collection of digital documents increased by 280 million to 1 billion in 2007. The majority of the digital documents are located in the National Library.

Most librarian man-years

In 2007, 1 585 man-years were carried out at the 322 library units covered by these statistics. 73 per cent of the man-years were performed by librarians. The libraries’ total expenditure amounted to about NOK 1.35 billion.