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Voter survey


  • About the survey

Purpose of the survey

Statistics Norway is now conducting a survey where we want to take a closer look at elections and what makes some people participate while others choose not to. Furthermore, we will examine to what extent the party elections and turnout varies with background. The survey will provide knowledge about how different groups participate in the Norwegian democracy. You are one of 19,000 people sampled for the survey. We would like you to answer regardless of whether you participated in the local and regional elections.

In order to prepare good statistics, we want answers to questions about:

- What makes people decide to vote

- What makes people choose not to vote

- What types of policies that occupy people

- Which information channels that were most important in election campaign

The survey was drawn from a sample of 19,000 people. The selected will recieve a letter or an email from SSB with an invitation to participate.

How do I respond?

The survey is a short web-form to fill out on internet, where you can respond with a PC, Mac, or smartphone. To answer, you can use the link you receive by email or sms. You can also use the button 'Electronic reporting' at the top of this page and login with a username and password that you'll find in the email, sms or the letter you receive. It takes just under 10 minutes to answer the questions.

You can choose whether you want to answer in English, Norwegian, Polish, Lithuanian, Urdu or Somali.

Why should I answer this?

To get an accurate picture of what is important for anyone participating in the elections and others who do not, it is very important that as many people as possible participate. We cannot replace you with someone else, if you do not participate in the survey. The sample is drawn to represent the Norwegian population. You are important to us!

We protect your privacy

All Statistics Norway employees are bound by confidentiality, and we will never disclose information about who has participated or how individuals have responded. The survey is conducted in accordance with the Statistics Act and the Personal Data Act, and Statistics Norway has appointed its own data protection officer approved by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. To make the survey as short as possible, we collect some information about you and your household directly from registers that Statistics Norway has access to. This regards information from the Population Register, information on voter turnout from the municipal census, education of school owners and Lånekassen (the Norwegian state education loan fund) and information on income, wealth, employment, social security and social benefits derived from the tax authorities and NAV. Within 31.12.2017, all characteristics that could identify individuals will be removed from the data.

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