Election Panel Survey 2021

Reporting periodevery four years


  • About the survey

Statistics Norway is now conducting a survey where we want to take a closer look at which issues that interest people in the election campaign and Parliamentary Election, and in which ways people acquire information about this. Furthermore, we will examine to what extent the party elections and turnout varies with background. We would like you to answer regardless of whether you are interested in politics or not, or if you intend to vote or not.

SSB conducts the survey in collaboration with Institute for Social Research (ISF).

How to respond?

If you are selected to respond, you will receive an e-mail from us.

You participate by filling out a form on the internet. It takes about five minutes to answer the survey. You can choose whether you want to answer in Norwegian or English.

Please access the questionnaire by using the link in the e-mail or in a text message sent to you. You can also use the button 'Electronic reporting' at the top of this page and login with a username and password that you'll find in the e-mail.

You will be contacted three times in advance of the Parliamentary Election, and twice after the Election to answer this panel survey.

Why should I answer this?

You are one of 10,000 people, aged 17 and above, sampled for the survey from the Norwegian National Registry.

To get an accurate picture, it is very important that as many people as possible participate. We cannot replace you with someone else, if you do not participate in the survey. The sample is drawn to represent the Norwegian population. You are important to us!

Your information is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation

  • Everyone working in Statistics Norway will treat your information confidentially.
  • You can tell Statistics Norway to delete your answers at any time.
  • The survey is carried out in accordance with the Statistics Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have further questions about GDPR, you can visit our site www.ssb.no/en/omssb/personvern, or send us an e-mail at personvernombud@ssb.no
  • All data will be anonymised within two years after completion of the data collection.


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