The Labour Force Survey


  • About the survey

Statistics Norway (SSB) collects information about who are employed, unemployed, or outside the labour market, throughout the year.

The survey contains for the most part simple questions about your situation.

You will, among other things, be asked about

  • If you have a job
  • If you are unemployed
  • If you are retired or have another form of pension
  • If you are a pupil or student

You can also be asked about working time, overtime, temporary employment, and health.

The survey looks at change over time, and most respondents will therefore be contacted by us eight quarters in a row, so that we can collect information about changes in your labour market situation.

A few respondents will only be interviewed once.

Parents/ guardians of minors will receive a letter if the minor is selected to participate in the survey.

The labour force survey is so important that participation is mandatory for those who have been selected to participate.

The labour force survey is carried out with basis in the Statistics Act of 21 June 2019.

How to reply

Within a few days you will be contacted by one of our interviewers. The interview lasts for about five minutes, but it can vary a bit from person to person.

If it is inconvenient for you to reply when we call you you can call us at 62 88 56 08 Monday through Thursday from 16:30 to 21.00. An interviewer will then carry out the interview with you.

If you want to book a time slot, you can call 62 88 56 08 or send an e-mail to svar@ssb.no. You can inform the interviewer about when you want to be contacted.

If you are a parent or guardian of a minor (15 – 18 years) and have any questions, you can contact us on the phone number or e-mail address above. It is important for us to interview persons in this age group, even if they are not employed.

The interview takes place in English or in Norwegian, and you can only be interviewed by phone.

Everyone 15 – 89 years old who were registered as part of your household at the time of the sampling will be contacted for a short, one-time interview. That will happen about 3 months after your first interview. If there are changes in your household in the meantime we still want to carry out those interviews.

If you have not heard from us

It is possble that you have not been contacted by one of our interviewers. This can happen if we have not found your telephone number or if we have any other wrong contact information. If this happens we ask you to contact us and tell us which phone number you can be reached on.

Who shall reply?

We need replies from all over the country, and we have therefore made a sample of persons aged 15 – 89, who will represent the entire Norwegian population. The age group is wide because we want to know the labour market situation of as many persons as possible.

In order to get the correct picture of the labour market it is important that those who have been selected to participate reply. We cannot substitute you with another person, and you are important for the survey even if you do not work. For instance, if only a few of the sampled young persons reply we will get a uncertain picture of the employment among young persons.

Your replies matter

The results of the survey are used to follow the development of the labour market and the economy. We compare the labour markets in various countries in order to measure changes over time. It is particularly important to be able to reliably compare the unemployment levels in the Nordic countries, and also with the EU countries.

Your information is safe with us 

  • All who work in Statistics Norway are bound by duty of confidentiality. We will never inform anyone about what individual persons have replied in a survey.
  • The survey is carried out with basis in the Statistics Act and the Personal Data Act. In order to make the interviews as short as possible information from some of Statistics Norway’s registers will be linked to the survey answers.
  • If you have questions regarding data protection you can contact us at personvernombud@ssb.no, or you can read more on https://www.ssb.no/en/omssb/personvern


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