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Living conditions among immigrants

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Are the questions difficult to answer?

No, they are not difficult and you do not need to prepare anything in advance. The interviewer will help you if problems arise. If you have a need or preference for a particular language to be used you can tell the person who calls you which language you want to use in the interview.

Who is Statistics Norway?

Statistics Norway is the central institution for the collection and dissemination of official statistics in Norway. Statistics Norway has the main responsibility for meeting the need for statistics on Norwegian society. Official statistics are the nation's common factual basis and are essential for a living democracy. Statistics should reflect society and show trends for the population and living conditions, economy, environment and business activity. Private individuals, businesses, authorities, the media, educational institutions and researchers should all be able to have the benefit of Norwegian official statistics. Statistics Norway is subordinate to the Ministry of Finance and the Statistics Act, but is a professionally autonomous organisation. This means that we can decide what to publish, and when and how this should happen. You can read more about our activity and what we publish at ssb.no.

I do not have a background from any of the twelve countries mentioned in the information material. Should I still participate?

No, you should not participate. The reason you were selected is that our registers can sometimes contain errors. You can let us know by telephone or e-mail, or inform the interviewer when they call that you have a different country background.

I have trouble answering for myself. Can I ask someone else to do it for me?

Most of the questions are about you and your attitudes and values. You therefore have to answer the questions yourself. We can arrange for you to answer in your native language if Norwegian is difficult for you.

Is it possible to be interviewed by someone of the same sex as me?

Yes, it is possible. When you receive our call, let us know your preference. You can also call or send us an email about this.

Can I still participate if I cannot speak Norwegian in the interview?

Yes, you can. You can give your answers in English or your native language. When you receive our call, let us know your preferred language. You can also call or send us an e-mail to let us know.

Why have I been selected to take part?

It is purely random that you were chosen to participate in the survey. You are one of approximately 650 people with the same background as you who were drawn at random from the Central Population Register. These 650 individuals will represent everyone with your country background aged 16-74 years in Norway. Each person selected thus represents a larger group of people. In order for all groups to be included in the statistics, it is important that everyone responds. We cannot replace you with someone else.