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Purpose of the survey

Statistics Norway is now conduction the Norwegian part of the European student survey Eurostudent. In Eurostudent we map students living conditions during their lecture period in Norway. In the survey we ask students about the current study situation, monthly amount at their disposal, average monthly expenses, study-related costs per semester, international mobility, and time spent on work and studies.

Eurostudent provides data for analysis and cross-country comparisons of students living conditions as well as data for national reports about students in Norway. A summary of Norwegian results can be found in the introduction to Student life and economic conditions, Reports 2015/50. The report itself is in Norwegian.

For this survey a sample of 24 000 students are selected from a database of higher education in Norway. Those selected will receive email and text messages from SSB with a link to the survey.


How do I respond?

You go to the survey online. The survey is detailed and will for some demand about thirty minutes to respond to in full. The questions about disposable amounts and expenses measures monthly activities. We encourage you to reply from a computer rather than a smartphone if it is possible and practical. Take time to complete the survey.

Tap the link you have received in an email or text message from us, then you are logged on to the survey with correct username and password. Alternatively you can use the button “Electronic reporting” at the top of this page, and yourself log on with username and password from an email or text message you have received.

Some of the questions are about student economy in the lecture period. We are interested in economic transactions for an average month in the lecture period in the current semester. By lecture period we refer to the time in the semester with organized lectures, excluding holidays and lecture-free exam periods. As an example: if your disposable amounts vary from month to month, we want a round sum that is average for months in the lecture period. The current semester might still not be over when you report, consider then only the semester so far. If you have been studying from January to April in the current semester, four months, and have made about 28 000 in this time excluding holidays, we want the sum to be divided in four, and the result 7 000 reported as monthly amount from pair work in the lecture period in the current semester.

We protect your privacy

All Statistics Norway employees are bound by confidentiality, and we will never disclose information about who has participated or how individuals have responded. To make the survey as short as possible, we collect some information about you directly from registers that Statistics Norway has access to. This regards information from the Population Register, Database for Statistics about Higher Education at NSD, education of school owners and Lånekassen (the Norwegian state education loan fund) and information about employment from Statistics Norway’s system for data about individuals, based on information from NAV. Within three years, all characteristics that could identify individuals will be removed from the data. The survey is conducted in accordance with the Statistics Act and the Personal Data Act, and Statistics Norway has appointed its own data protection officer approved by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.



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