Housing conditions survey 2017

Reporting periodannually


Purpose of the survey

In October, Statistics Norway is conducting its annual survey on housing conditions and rent. The purpose of the survey is to map housing conditions, and rent prices for different types of rented dwellings in Norway. The survey is based on the need for better and more detailed statistics on the rental market.

In order for us to compile accurate statistics, we would like answers to questions relating to:


•Changed addresses

•Size and quality of rented properties

•The types of dwellings that are rented out

•Length of lease

•How much rent is paid for different types of rented dwellings

 A sample of 37 000 dwellings have been selected to take part in the survey. Those selected will receive a letter from Statistics Norway. The sample mainly consists of rented dwellings, but since there is no complete register of all dwellings that are rented out in Norway, some dwellings that are owned or used in another way will also be included. We would like everyone to participate, regardless of whether they own or rent the dwelling.


How should I answer?

To respond to the survey, click on the 'Electronic reporting' icon at the top of the page. It will take less than 10 minutes to answer the questions.

Log in using the username and password specified in the letter you received. You can choose whether you want to answer in Norwegian or English.

If you do not rent your dwelling, or if you have moved house or do not use the dwelling yourself, you only need to answer a few questions. 

In the survey we ask those who are tenants about contact information for the lessor (landlord). We collect contact information in order to contact the lessor (landlord) and ask the lessor (landlord) about the dwelling. We do not share any information. You can read more about how we protect your privacy below.


Why should I answer?

In order to get an accurate picture of the rental market and rent levels, it is crucial that as many people as possible participate. We cannot replace your property with another if you do not take part in the survey. The sample selected represents the Norwegian rental market. You are important to us!

 It is quite possible that you’ll be contacted again each month from November this year to October next year for a brief web-survey on changes in rent and housing conditions. To measure monthly changes we need answers every month. Therefore it is important that you participate every time. It is important to reply even if you have moved from the address. That way you can keep us updated on the dwelling and we can survey if it is empty or has a new resident.


We protect your privacy

All Statistics Norway employees are subject to confidentiality, and we will never disclose details of individual responses. The survey is conducted in accordance with the Statistics Act and the Personal Data Act, and Statistics Norway has appointed its own data protection officer, who is approved by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

To make the survey as short as possible, we collect some information directly from registers that Statistics Norway has access to. This includes information on country of birth from The national registry, education from learning institutions and Norwegian State Education Fund (Lånekassen), and income from NAV and the tax authorities. All of the data will be anonymised within two years of completion of the data collection process. The survey is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time and request your information to be deleted.