Reporting balance of payments data (BoP reporting)

Reporting periodannually


Purpose of the survey

The purpose of the statistics is to illustrate the finances of enterprises in Norway compared to other countries. The statistics are an important part of the balance of payments and the foreign sector in the national accounts. The information is used to ascertain the gross national income and also as a variable in macroeconomic models.


Changes in the reporting of balance of payment, from 2016.  

  • Item 15000 Accounts receivable, are divided into two after the income statement and are now:
  • Item 15000 Accounts receivable from foreign customers, exclusive group companies/subsidiaries
  • Item 15010 Accounts receivable from foreign customers, in group companies/subsidiaries


  • Item 04000 Net purchases of licenses, patents and licenses are also divided into two:
  • Item 04000 Purchases of concessions, patens, licenses etc. directly from abroad
  • Item 04100 Sale of concessions, patens, licenses etc. directly from abroad


In addition, the number of currencies in which it can be distributed on the Altinn form are reduced.

Reporting in Altinn

Reporting solution is by Altinn form. The form can be found in My message box in Altinn. Note that you must be assigned the proper role in Altinn in order to complete the form, the accounting empolyee role REGNA. If problems arise, see Help at www.altinn.no or contact Altinn user service on 75 00 60 00.

Data can also be reported on attachments via Altinn. Enterprises who would prefer this solution should contact the foreign economy response service utund@ssb.no


Reporting of financial/balance sheet data

The reporting includes financial, balance sheet and equity items, etc. abroad. In the annual reporting, the amounts should be broken down by country and currency where this is specified in the form. See also information on the Altinn form.