Reporting accounts for Norwegian branches of foreign insurance companies

Reporting periodannually


  • About the survey

Purpose of the survey

All foreign insurance companies with branches in Norway and with license from The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.are obligated to report their annual accounts to Statistics Norway. Companies that already report by the Norwegian reporting system FORT, are excepted. The reporting only covers the insurance companies' activity in Norway

All accounts can be delivered to Statistics Norway by the 30 st of August by e-mail to kreditt250@ssb.no .

The information gathered will be used as a part of the public statistics in the national accounts, and it is also in international reporting. The credit market statistics in general are used in the making of the Norwegian monetary policy. The collected information can (by appointment) also be used in computing the fee to The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway.

The Excel-file

Below you will find the necessary Excel files needed for the reporting. For practical reasons we have not included all possible combinations of items. It is therefore possible to include necessary items and delete or hide items that are superfluous. Be careful so that the structure of the report is maintained, and that the included items contain valid combinations. The items must come in a rising order, and formulas are not accepted. The columns to the right of the account can be used as one wish.