Turnover, Costs and Investments in the Business Enterprise Sector


Have you received a notification from Statistics Norway regarding your duty to provide information for the official survey entitled Turnover, Costs and Investments in the Business Enterprise Sector (RA-0749)?

Here you will find information regarding what you need to report, how you can submit the information and why you must respond to the survey.

What information must be reported?

The survey contains questions that focus on issues relating to turnover, costs and investments. In order to provide a description of the business enterprise sector’s structure and its development on a geographical level and by industry, we need figures from central annual financial accounts broken down by individual businesses/companies.

We also need the following information on expenses:

  • Computer equipment
  • Software
  • Temporary employment
  • Goods for resale

How to submit the survey

The information is to be reported electronically via Altinn. For more information, see ‘How to answer surveys in Altinn on behalf of an enterprise’, located under DOCUMENTS in the column at the right.

Only those who have been assigned the relevant role can answer surveys on behalf of the enterprise in Altinn. To fill out this survey, you need to have one of the following roles:

  • employee responsible for accounts and/or compliance
  • responsible auditor
  • accountant without signing rights
  • accountant with signing rights

For more information about the delegation of roles in Altinn, see: https://www.altinn.no/en/help/profile/roles-and-rights/

You can also contact Altinn customer service via telephone on +47 75 00 60 00 if you have more questions regarding roles or logins.

Your answers are valuable

Statistics Norway collects information that forms the basis for creating statistics that describes economic activity across various industries.

The information collected applies to the entire enterprise (the legal entity). For enterprises that have several sub-businesses, the information shall also be distributed between these individual businesses (sub-units) in order to describe developments in the Norwegian business enterprise sector both at a geographical level and by industry.

Important users of the statistics are planners, business stakeholders and interest organizations. It is also of great relevance to political debate and in the development of economic policy. Not least, the statistics make up a significant part of the data in the national accounts.

The statistics are compiled in accordance with the EEA agreement. The statistics are comparable with similar statistical reports provided by other members of the entire EEA area.

Who needs to complete the survey?

Statistics Norway collects information from a sample of enterprises. The sample is sourced from the Virksomhets- og foretaksregisteret (VoF). VoF is Statistics Norway’s central registry for all legal enterprises and businesses in the Norwegian private and public sectors.

You must answer this survey even if there has been no activity in the enterprise during the reporting period.

If the enterprise has changed its name, industry (type of business/activity) or address, then you must register this change with the Samordnet registermelding. Further information can be found at www.brreg.no.

You have a responsibility to respond by the deadline

As these statistics are vital for society it is mandatory to participate. If you fail to send the information before the deadline, the enterprise will receive a compulsory fine.

For more information, see:

  • The duty to provide information, and the right to collect information: Statistics Act, Section 2-2
  • The right to impose a compulsory fine: Statistics Act, Section 2-3
  • The right to enforce the collection of a fine and demand payment for costs: Tax Administration Act
  • The right to appeal an administrative decision: Public Administration Act, Chapter VI

The submission deadline is specified in the Altinn inbox.