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Where can we find or change submitted forms?

Submitted forms and receipts are located under ‘Archive’ in the enterprise’s Altinn inbox.

If you wish to make corrections to a form that has already been submitted, retrieve the form under ‘Archive’ and click on the button ‘Create a new copy’.

How will we know if the form has been submitted?

After submission, you will receive a receipt number (beginning with the letters AR). This receipt can be sent to any chosen e-mail address.

How have we been selected to participate in this survey?

Statistics Norway collects information from a sample of enterprises. The sample is retrieved from the Register of Legal Entities, Statistics Norway’s register of all Norwegian-registered legal entities in both the private and public sector.

In addition, the sample is based on a number of criteria. Furthermore, the need to achieve a certain degree of coverage within a particular industry will also have a large impact on the composition of the sample.

Can we ask for a deadline extension?

Statistics Norway does not grant extensions for this survey. If you do not respond within the deadline, you will automatically receive a reminder giving you a final deadline. For extraordinary cases, contact Statistics Norway.

Why is information from our enterprise so important?

In order for the statistics to be as accurate as possible, the information provided needs to be correct and complete. In addition, all enterprises that are selected to participate must respond. All types of non-response reduce the accuracy and hence the quality of the statistics.

Is Statistics Norway allowed to request this information?

The information is obtained under the provisions of Act no. 54 of 16 June 1989 relating to official statistics and Statistics Norway (the Statistics Act) section 2-2 (1), and a letter of delegation from the Ministry of Finance of 13 February 1990.

If you believe that you are not subject to the duty to provide information or that you are not legally permitted to provide information, you may appeal the order within 3 weeks. The right to appeal does not apply to the question of whether the duty to provide information is reasonable or necessary.

Pursuant to section 2-4 of the Statistics Act, all information is treated as confidential. Statistics Norway will use the information to prepare official statistics, and for other purposes such as research and public planning. The information will be stored and, where relevant, destroyed in a responsible manner.

Can the form be filled out in multiple sessions?

Yes. There is no need to fill out the whole form in a single session. The form will store the information that has already been input.

Will we receive a compulsory fine if we do not answer the survey?

Yes. Statistics Norway will send ordinary reminders along with the administrative decision to impose a compulsory fine to enterprises that have not answered the survey within the initial deadline. If data is submitted by the second and final deadline, the compulsory fine will be withdrawn. If an enterprise fails to meet the second deadline, the matter will be forwarded to the Norwegian National Collection Agency for further processing.

Pursuant to section 3-2 of the Statistics Act, a compulsory fine may be imposed as a one-off fine or a running fine. The fine will increase if the enterprise fails to provide complete information for several consecutive periods. In cases where an enterprise repeatedly fails to provide complete information over an extended period of time, a fixed compulsory fine may be imposed.


What does the term ‘duty to provide information’ mean?

The duty to provide information means that, in some central statistical areas, Statistics Norway has the right to impose a compulsory fine on enterprises that do not complete the survey within the specified deadline. This survey is one of the central statistical areas. No financial compensation is given for answering the survey.

For more information see:

• The duty to provide information, and the right to collect information: Statistics Act, Section 2-2

• The right to impose a compulsory fine: Statistics Act, Section 2-3

• The right to enforce the collection of a fine and demand payment for costs: Tax Administration Act

• The right to appeal an administrative decision: Public Administration Act, Chapter VI


Where do I answer the survey?

The information is to be reported electronically via Altinn. Enterprises can access the survey form in their Altinn inbox.

Note that the person answering the form must have the role necessary to access the enterprise’s Altinn inbox. If you do not have the necessary role, contact senior management, who will assign this to you.

For more information, refer to the guidelines ‘How to answer surveys in Altinn on behalf of an enterprise’ in the column at the right.