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Hours worked in construction

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Did you receive an administrative decision from Statistics Norway regarding your duty to provide information for the official survey entitled Hours worked in construction (RA-0324)? This web page provides you with information on how to answer the survey.

What information must be reported?

In order to get statistics that show the development of production in construction industry, we need information about employment and hours worked during the quarter. The number of employees is to be distributed according to domain of work.

Your answers are valuable

The purpose of this survey is to collect information about activity in building and construction industry. Public and private entities, researchers, politicians, and use the data to understand challenges in the construction sector, and for future planning. The index is a requirement according to the EEA Agreement, and it is also used by international organisations.

Who needs to complete the survey?

Statistics Norway collects information from a sample of about 2000 enterprises. The sample is drawn from the Register of Legal Entities, Statistics Norway’s register of all Norwegian-registered legal entities in both the private and public sector.

If the enterprise has changed name, type of activity, or address, this must be reported using the Coordinated register notification. More information on this is available at www.brreg.no/home. The survey must still be answered if there has been no activity in the enterprise during the period to be reported.

How to submit the survey

The information is to be reported electronically via Altinn. For more information, see ‘How to answer surveys in Altinn on behalf of an enterprise’, located under DOCUMENTS in the column at the right.

Only those who have been assigned the relevant role can answer surveys on behalf of the enterprise in Altinn. To fill out this form, you need to have one of the following roles:

  • reporter/sender
  • responsible auditor
  • accountant without signing rights
  • accountant with signing rights

If you do not have one of the roles above, senior management can delegate this role on behalf of the enterprise.

If you have problems with login or roles, contact Altinn on +47 75 00 60 00, or find more information at www.altinn.no/en

The duty to report

The Statistics Act gives Statistics Norway the authority to collect the information, and to impose a compulsory fine to any party failing to report within the deadline. For more information, see:

  • The duty to provide information, and the right to collect information: Statistics Act, Section 2-2
  • The right to impose a compulsory fine: Statistics Act, Section 2-3
  • The right to enforce the collection of a fine and demand payment for costs: Tax Administration Act
  • The right to appeal an administrative decision: Public Administration Act, Chapter VI
  • The reported data are treated as confidential information under the Statistics Act, Section 2-4.

The submission deadline is specified in the Altinn inbox.