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What can I do with the table I created?



A number of tips on how to customise your own table, how to save graphs of the data and how to save the table or query for later use.


Rotating the table

Rotating a table enables you to change it around, for example by swapping the column headings and row headings.


Use these icons to rotate clockwise, anti-clockwise or rotate freely.

When rotating freely, you can use the arrow icons between the boxes to move the variables between the row headings and column headings. The arrow icons under the boxes can be used to sort the order of the variables. 

Save table

You can can download the table in different formats, e.g. Excel. Relational table is the most pivot friendly format.

Save your query

When saving your query you get a link that you have to store yourself. 

 Save query - steps

If you make changes to the saved query the link will also change.

Editing the table

The options here are:

  • Show the code and text.
  • Sum
  • Percent

Table settings

Here you can remove rows with only zeros


The dropdown menu "Show table" also makes it possblie to present the table as various types of charts. 

Show table and charts

If you select a chart, "Table settings" changes to "Chart settings". Here you can set size, title etc.

API query for this table

The choice "API query for this table" gives JSON code and POST url for the extaction which is made. This can be reused in API: Create your own dataset.