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Specialist health service2019



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Statbank table 06922 is corrected (content Out-patient consultations and Day cases in service Drug treatment (TSB)). Due to this, main figures and table 3, are also corrected.

Specialist health service, main figures1
 20182019Change in per cent
1Figures for discharges in 2018 for mental health care and drug treatment were updated 17.9.2019.
2The figures are in current prices.
3From 2017 the health enterprises are entitled to VAT refund. Hence, expences (and revenues) are reduced compared to previous years.
4As of 2018, outpatient consultations from contracted medical specialists are included in the figures.
5Figures for out-patient consultations and day cases in 2018 and 2019 for drug treatment were updated 5.2.2021.
Corrected 5 February 2021.
Specialist health service    
Expenses (NOK million)23144 185153 11036
Expences per inhabitant (NOK)2327 10028 50055
Beds18 73718 555-1-1
Discharges1846 807845 010-10
Bed-days5 474 0105 378 934-2-2
Out-patient consultations4511 689 77711 980 483252
Day cases5406 458420 563-43
Man-years113 680114 9051.41.1

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