Challenges in municipal health and social services
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Municipal social and health data - Hjulet (discontinued)2008

The statistics has been discontinued.



Challenges in municipal health and social services

The annual publication of municipal social and health data gives the most recent figures for local health and social services, health conditions and living conditions. In addition to figures for each municipality, figures for districts in the 31 largest municipalities are also available.

Municipal health and social data has not been updated since 2008 neiher at ssb.no nor at helsedirektoratet.no. A new and revised edition of Municipal health and social data is under consideration.
More information: trond.ekornrud@ssb.no , tlf. 21 09 43 99.

Statistics Norway has been commissioned by the public health administration to prepare annual overviews of the municipal health and social sector. The report is published in pamphlets from the Norwegian Directorate for Health, and is also available on the Directorate's home pages. The background figures can be found in the tables below.

Paper versions of the publication are being published by The Norwegian Directorate for Health. Pdf-files of this version are also available on the website of the directorate. ( http://www.shdir.no/ ).

New figures in this year's edition

As of 2007, the statistics regarding users of municipal nursing and care services are based on results from the IPLOS-register. Compared to the results from previous years this has resulted in a break in the time series. Thus the figures for 2007 are not comparable with the results from previous years. This will apply to indicators in table 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24.

In table 5.2a and table 5.2b one of the age groups has been changed from 16-49 years to 18-49 years.

Last years table 15.2 has been let out of this year publication. In table 24 two indicators has changed names.


More tables available in Norwegian at Styrings- og informasjonshjulet .