VALUECHANGE: Valuation of Cultural and Environmental Goods for Integrated Assessment and Decision-making: From Promise to Practice

This interdisciplinary project aims to assess, value and integrate the importance (values) of cultural and environmental goods - in particular cultural ecosystem services, including biodiversity, and cultural heritage in a broad sense - for social welfare in a rural-urban context.

Project details

Project manager
Kristine M. Grimsrud
Project participants

Wenche Dramstad (NIBIO), Linda Aune-Lundberg (NIBIO), Anders Bryn (NIBIO), Sveinung Krokan Berg (NIKU), Herdis Hølleland (NIKU), Henrik Lindhjem (Menon), Kristin Magnussen (Menon), Øyvind Handberg (Menon), Endre Kildal Iversen (Menon), Ståle Navrud (NMBU), Anders Barstad (SSB),Stefan Leknes (SSB) og Kristine Grimsrud (SSB).


Statistics Norway (SSB), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU), Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and Menon Center for Environmental and Resource Economics (MERE) will implement the project.


MILJØFORSK, Norwegian Research Council.

Project term
1. March 2018 – 31. December 2021
Project status
Research field

About the Project

Including the values of cultural and environmental goods in cost-benefit analysis, impact assessments and spatial planning is essential for better informed integrated decision-making. Through two national valuation studies, with place-specific cases, the project will generate knowledge of the monetary and non-monetary values of environmental and cultural goods -  a necessity for understanding actual and perceived trade-offs between uses and users of these goods on spatial and temporal scales. We will investigate how people's preferences and the pressures on scarce resources are both changing because of urbanisation in Norway. We will then assess the implications of these changes for values of cultural and environmental goods, and for policy solutions in rural and urban areas. In addition, the project will analyse the value creation potential of selected cultural and environmental goods.

User panel: Directorate for Cultural Heritage, the Cultural Heritage Fund, Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA), WWF, Norwegian Recreational Home Owner Association, Norwegian Agriculture Association, Environment Agency.

Research area: Environmental economics, valuation of cultural and environmental goods, valuation of ecosystem services.