URBAN-EEA: Experimental ecosystem accounting for urban ecosystems

The purpose of the URBAN-EEA project is to study ecosystem services from urban ecosystems in the Oslo region, as decision support. The project contributes to research in Statistics Norway on the experimental ecosystem accounting proposed by the UN.

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Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo (AHO), flere norske og utenlandske rådgivere.

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The URBAN-EEA project demonstrates synergies between experimental ecosystem accounting (EEA), recently developed by the UN for the national system of economic and environmental accounts (SEEA), and municipal level mapping of urban ecosystems and their services to the population. The project is managed by the Norwegian institute for nature research (NINA) and funded by the Research Council of Norway. The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is research partner, and several Norwegian and international scientific advisers contribute. Mapping and valuation methods are tested in the Greater Oslo region aimed at identifying potential trade-offs and synergies in ecosystem services from green infrastructure and urban development. The project will have close cooperation with municipal authorities in order to obtain updated knowledge on land use. Spatial mapping databases are developed that are compatible with standards for national accounting, that can be accessed and updated by land use planners and policy makers, and that provide periodically updated information to the public on the status of urban ecosystems. The project will apply land use data from Statistics Norway and will contribute to research on ecosystem services and biodiversity in the context of indicators for sustainable development.


Prosjektleder: Norsk institutt for naturforskning (NINA) v/ David N. Barton