Gender and partnership dynamics

The main goal of this project is to study various patterns of gender-equality attitudes and practices among Norwegian couples and to analyse how such patterns and other factors drive the changes in gender relations and partnership dynamics. The project will use a new survey (LOGG) which include both individual and contextual data.

Project details

Project manager
Randi Kjeldstad
The Research Council of Norway
Project term
01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012
Project status
Research field

About the Project

Shifts in partnership and family dynamics and gender roles have captured the attention of policymakers across Western countries. How such changes affect men’s and women’s well-being in partnerships is an important issue, which demands research on the interrelationship between new partnership behaviour, gender relations and well-being. Norway and the other Nordic countries have been viewed as forerunners in gender equality, and much of recent family-demographic changes started in these countries. This makes Norway an interesting and relevant case.

The project is decomposed into three sub projects:

  • To examine gender relations and gender equality attitudes and practises within partnerships, as well as cultural, social and regional variations in these patterns.
  • To analyse gender relations, partner preferences and partnership formation.
  • To examine the interrelationship between gender relations and partnership quality.