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Weekly Bulletin issue no. 34, 1997 <sti>Stikktittel

Population statistics. Immigrant population, 1 January 1997:

Many new Swedish immigrants

The immigrant population in Norway at the beginning of the year totalled 232,200, or 5.3 per cent of the population. In 1996 the immigrant population increased by 8,400, of which 2,900 were second-generation immigrants. The biggest increase was seen in Swedes (nearly 1,500), followed by Pakistanis with 700. The number of British and Americans dropped by altogether 360.
Among immigrants with origins in Asia, Africa, South and Central American and Turkey, 47 per cent live in Oslo. These groups account for 11 per cent of the population in the capital. One-fifth of the immigrant population in Oslo are of Pakistani descent.

39 per cent are Norwegian citizens

Thirty-nine per cent of the immigrant population held Norwegian citizenship at the start of 1997. Nearly half of those with origins in Third World countries were Norwegian citizens at this time. In the immigrant population aged 18 and up, 66,400 were Norwegian citizens. Most were from Vietnam (6,000), Pakistan (5,600) and Denmark (5,200).

New Statistics

Population statistics. Immigrant population, 1 January 1997.
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Weekly Bulletin issue no. 34, 1997