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Weekly Bulletin is. 37, 1996

Large investments in Norwegian industry

Norwegian industries expect to see investments total about NOK 15 billion this year, the largest estimate ever reported in a third quarter. The industries have also revised their investment estimates for 1997 upwards by about the same amount as previous years.

The estimate for 1996 was adjusted upwards by NOK 5.6 billion from third quarter last year to third quarter this year. This is the same trend as last year, when there was an upward revision of NOK 5 billion in the value of investments. For the current year all sectors have revised their estimates upwards by 16 per cent or more. The biggest increase in value was posted by the oil refining, chemical, food and metal-working industries, all of which increased their estimates by about NOK 1 billion. Last quarter, all industries had only small adjustments of the 1996 estimates.

The estimate for 1996 is NOK 1.3 billion higher than the corresponding estimate for 1995. Much of the increase is attributed to the metal-working industry.

New Statistics

Investment Statistics. Mining, manufacturing and electricity and gas supply, 3rd quarter 1996.
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Weekly Bulletin is. 37, 1996