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Greenhouse gas emissions. Municipalities

6 Source distribution in this work
Name of emission sources Name of emission sources in the Statistical Bank Scope
Oil and gas extraction, land based Oil and gas extraction - stationary combustion
Oil and gas extraction - process emissions
Land based plants for oil and gas extraction
Manufacturing and mining Manufacturing industries and mining- stationary combustion. Manufacturing industries and mining - process emissions Manufacturing and mining
Energy supply Energy supply - stationary combustion Energy supply, including waste incineration in distric heating plants
Other heating Other industries - stationary combustion.
Households - stationary combustion.
Other stationary combustion
Fuel oil, paraffin, coal and coke used in private households and other industries, including services and public administration
Agriculture Agriculture Farm animals, manure and cultvation
Other process emissions Landfill gas.
Gas distribution.
Petrol distribution.
Road dust, tyre and brake wear.
Use of fluorinated products.
Use of solvent-containing products.
Other process emissions
Landfill gas, sewage, solvent use, petrol distribution, whitening of industrial waste, anaesthesia
Road traffic Passenger cars: petrol.
Passenger cars: diesel etc.
Light duty vehicles: petrol.
Light duty vehicles: diesel etc.
Heavy duty vehicles: petrol.
Heavy duty vehicles: diesel etc.
Motor cycles and mopeds
Passenger and freight traffic on roads
Other mobile combustion Domestic aviation.
Small boats.
Motorized equipment.
Domestic aviation in affiliation with airports (below 100 metres above ground), domestic sea traffic in affiliation with harbours, railways, snow scooters, tractors, production machinery and other motorized equipment in e.g. forestry, agriculture, defense, construction and building.
Source: Emission inventory from Statistics Norway and the Climate and Pollution Agency.

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