Statistical Yearbook of Norway 2013

Oil extraction, mining, quarrying and manufacturing

375.  Mining, quarrying and manufacturing. Main figures for establishments, by industry division. 2011
376.  Mining, quarrying and manufacturing. Number of persons employed in establishments, by industry subsection
377.  Number of persons employed, by industry division. Mining, quarrying and manufacturing. 2011 (Chart)
378.  Establishments and persons employed in mining, quarrying and manufacturing, by county
379.  Coal mining. Svalbard
380.  Main figures for extraction, transport and technical services incidental to oil and gas extraction
381.  Production of crude oil, natural gas, NGL and condensate
382.  Production of crude oil and natural gas per field
383.  Accrued investment costs in extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas and pipeline transport. NOK million
384.  The world's largest oil-exporting countries. 2011. Million barrels per day (Chart)
385.  Production of electric energy, by county. GWh
386.  Electricity supply
387.  Supply and use of electric energy. GWh
388.  Production and consumption of electric energy. Selected countries. 2009