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Statistics Norway produces and publishes official statistics and analyses in Norway. Analyses conducted by the Research Department are also published, and these are sometimes based on material other than Statistics Norway’s statistics.

Statistics Norway produces and publishes about 90 per cent of the official statistics in Norway. All products are produced digitally and published on ssb.no, and a few are printed on paper.

The various products are published in accordance with the Principles of communication and dissemination. A more detailed review of guidelines and practices is given below.


Statistics Norway’s statistics are disseminated on ssb.no via a dedicated web page for each area of society or topic. The statistics are kept up-to-date and new statistics are produced through regularly accessing data sources. Statistics releases are notified in the statistics release calendar at least three months in advance. The statistics are available under separate tabs on the search page for each topic.

Statistics are normally published either monthly, quarterly or annually. Some are published less frequently, and some are published every week, period or six months. Many statistics are also published initially with preliminary figures, followed by final figures. This is one of several methods used to review earlier publications according to the Principles for revisions in Statistics Norway.

The URL of a statistics page is based on a fixed short name, and the page is available in both Norwegian and English. There may be several variations of the same statistics based on different content, publication frequency and whether the figures are preliminary or final.

Using the short name in links and searches means that the most recent release is shown, while earlier publications are available via the archive.

The statistics page contains

  • The most recent release of the statistics
  • Statbank tables
  • About the statistics
  • Earlier releases (stored in the archive). Links are also found here to historical publications.

Statistics contain information that can be assembled in many different ways and with many details. The information that is published is normally selected as it is the most interesting to society and/or because a user need has been identified.

Users can also order statistics that require special adaptation.

Orders for large/complex tables are recorded, and are available for viewing via the Electronic Public Records. Where a broader or repeated user need is identified for statistics that have been ordered, these will be published in the same way as other statistics on ssb.no, free of charge. Specially-adapted statistics are charged to the client. One exception to this is KOSTRA, which is primarily a data reporting system. In this system, preliminary figures are published on 15 March and final figures on 15 June. Some of these figures are used in Statistics Norway’s statistics, while many are only available directly through factsheets in KOSTRA.

Publications, journals and articles

Analyses based on figures in published statistics, and/or in Statistics Norway’s surveys that are not conducted regularly, are presented in publications, journals and articles. They are also notified in the statistics release calendar at least one day before publication.

Publications and journals are published in PDF format.

All publications have their own web pages, with abstracts, documentation in "About the statistics", and a link to the full publication in PDF format.

All journals have their own web pages, with separate pages for each issue and each article, as well as a short presentation. All pages include links to content in PDF format.

Publication series

The publication series are broken down into separate categories:

  • Reports: analyses and statistical findings from various surveys
  • Statistical analyses: statistical data adapted for a broad target audience, which can be understood without specialist knowledge of statistics or methods
  • Plans and reports: documents relating to the institution and reports of an official nature
  • Documents: documentation, descriptions of methods and models, and standards
  • Factsheets: pamphlets and brochures presenting statistics describing the current situation and trends in various areas of society
  • Discussion papers: research material for comment and suggestions, with a view to publishing internationally

Discontinued publication series from before 2010 and ongoing publication series dating back to pre-2000 are available at Historical statistics -> Digitalised publications.


Journals contain analyses in the form of articles, but these are only available in Norwegian unless otherwise specified:

  • Samfunnsspeilet [In Norwegian only]: Analyses of living conditions and lifestyles, providing important information on social, demographic, economic and cultural changes in society.
  • Economic survey: analyses based on research into economics and demographics, including articles on economic trends for Norway and abroad and on the economic outlook. Articles that focus solely on economic trends are available in English.

Discontinued journals/periodicals from before 2010 are available at Historical statistics – Digitalised publications.


Articles are published in journals and separately. Both types of articles can be found under "Publications and articles" on the search page for each statistics topic on ssb.no.

Key figure pages

Some statistics topics have associated key figure pages, which include simple tables, figures, infographics, text, explanations of terms and links to relevant statistics in Statistics Norway and externally. These are found in tabs on the search page for the statistics topics on ssb.no.

Historical statistics

All material published by Statistics Norway and older material from 1828 to 2000 has been digitalised and is available under Historical statistics.

Storage and archiving

Everything that is published on ssb.no is stored. The National Library of Norway hosts the website, including the digital publications. Paper publications are also forwarded to the National Library.

Copyright and reuse

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