Information on investments abroad for the financial year 2016

Reporting periodannually


  • About the survey

Purpose of the survey

The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain information on “Norwegian companies’ foreign direct investment abroad” and on “Norwegian controlled companies’ activity abroad” (Foreign Affiliates Statistics). The collected data are used for the compilation of statistics reported to international organization’s including Eurostat, OECD and the IMF.


Who needs to report?

Norwegian enterprises (Norwegian investors) with a direct investment from 20 per cent and above in a foreign enterprise, shall report. It shall be given information on each single foreign enterprise with such investments and for all underlying foreign enterprises in the same company group (see example figure). The questionnaire applies to the financial year 2016. In cases where the enterprise uses divergent accounting principles, use the last available annual account statement from 2016.

Attachment form (RA-0638)

The information is to be reported electronically in an Excel form which consists of several sheets:

  • In the first sheet (Info) is information about the report
  • In the second sheet (Help) is a figure that shows which enterprises who shall report
  • In the third sheet (Country) a country code list is enclosed
  • In the fourth sheet (Industry) an industry code list is enclosed
  • In the fifth sheet the report sheet is enclosed; Company 1and so on.

It is possible to report for several Norwegian investors in a single Excel form. In that case, the report must be done in separate sheets for each investor (Company 1, Company 2 etc.). The foreign enterprise that has a Norwegian investor is filled in line by line downwards in the sheet.

Some of the information shall only be given on subsidiaries (see guidance).

Reporting system

The form shall be sent as an attachment via Altinn under RA-0638.

Reporting deadline: 31 August 2017

Thank you for your help.