Hours worked in construction

Reporting periodquarterly


Purpose of the survey

The purpose of the survey is to show the development of the production in construction industry. Important users are private and public analysts, and international organisations like Eurostat.

What information must be reported?

In order to produce accurate and valid statistics it is essential to collect information about employment and hours worked during the quarter. The reported data are treated as confidential information under the Statistics Act (Act on Official Statistics and Statistics Norway), § 2-4. The information will only be used for the compilation of official statistics and for scientific purposes.

The duty to report

The information is legally collected in line with the Statistics Act, §2-2. Under § 2-3 of the Act, Statistics Norway has the authority to issue fines to any party failing to report within the deadline.

Electronic reporting

The information is to be reported electronically over the Internet. This is the most secure way to report, and you will receive a confirmation receipt as soon as the information is submitted. Select Altinn.