About StatBank

How to use StatBank Norway


When working with figures in StatBank, you can choose variables and values, adjust the appearance of your table in line with your preferences, and store your table extraction for later use.

Instructions are available on how to use StatBank:

Help is also available for users while working in StatBank. Click on "How to select variables and values" at the top right of the page while in StatBank, and let your mouse hover over icons or tabs for more information on the relevant component.

What is the maximum number of cells a table can have?

There is a limit to the size of table you can view in the web interface. A table larger than 15 000 cells will not be shown on screen. However, you can download the table to your own computer as an Excel file or in other formats.

The limit for downloading is 300 000 cells. If the table is still too large, you need to divide it into several smaller extractions or contact StatBank.

Working with statistical data on your own computer

The data you collect from StatBank can be downloaded to local systems for further processing and presentations etc.

See also our general terms of use for StatBank .